Professional Diploma in

IT Support

Students will learn the maintenance, repair and assembly skills from this course, from technology equipment management to technology enhancement jobs. Other than that, the course has 22 practical skills in the workplace. We focus on skills training and bilingual teaching to make it easier for students to master it.

Professional Diploma in

Software Engineering

Learn the basic of software programming, and use our platform to master programming skills. Students will learn to create trendy web pages, online programs, and mobile applications. With these three programming skills, students will get employment chances in the future.

About Us

The Pioneer of
IT Education

SBIT Training Academy (SBIT Training Sdn Bhd)'s courses are designed based on many industry needs. We have received feedback from our partner group, providing us with the latest technology in the market from time to time, so that we can update our courses. Our instructors develop new practical internship courses to guide students' skill development.